Frequently Asked Questions

How do you determine whether a dog is suitable for group walks?

We balance the groups according to temperament and activity level as well as, to a lesser extent, size. We aim to walk dogs in small groups so we can reinforce good habits and give lots of focused attention to each dog. Dogs must be well-socialized and in good health to participate in group walks. They must have up to date vaccinations and de-sexed.

Aggression, fearfulness, bullying, reactivity and excessive leash pulling are other factors that will prevent dogs from partaking in group walks.

What age is suitable for puppy visits? What is the difference between puppy visits and one-on-one walks?

Puppy visits are suitable for puppies under 6 months. Puppy visits are a lead-up to group walks or solo walks. Since puppies are sensitive creatures of habit the visits last around half an hour and focus entirely on your pup’s routine and training. The visits help with crate and potty training, giving your pup some company and allowing them to relieve themselves outside. We play with your pup, give them food and water, follow their potty-training routine and teach them polite walking and social skills. Once your pup has a vet’s OK to go ahead and socialize we help them learn good dog manners by slowly introducing them to friendly dogs in our care and helping them meet friendly dogs around the neighbourhood. We ensure that your puppy has the support and care he/she needs to grow up to be a friendly and happy dog, well-trained and well-socialized.


For puppies under 3 months, we recommend one visit every 3 hours or 2 visits spaced throughout your work day. For puppies over 3 months, one visit every 4 hours is usually fine.

What are your pick-up times? /What is your availability for walks?

When we first meet and you sign your dog up for walks, we’ll ask you to choose a preferred window of time in which you’d like your dog to be walked. We endeavour to stick to your chosen time slot but it is not always guaranteed.


Group walks happen between 9:30am and 4pm

Solo walks can be scheduled before 11am and after 3:30pm.

Puppy visits are given priority in scheduling and may be scheduled anytime between 10am and 5pm. 


We can be very flexible. Evening and weekend walks can also be scheduled around our availability. We strive to accommodate last-minute evening walks for regular dog walking clients although a little notice is always appreciated.

Can you feed my dog during the walk? Can you administer medication?

For sure! We will feed your dog after the walk for their comfort and to reduce the risk of bloat and indigestion. Every dog in our care gets a water refill after their walk and healthy treats along the way, if allowed. If your dog needs medication at the time of their walk we can administer oral/topical medication but regrettably we’re not trained to give insulin shots.

What are your payment policies?

Cat Visits and Pet Sitting/Puppy Visits will be invoiced before the start of the service with the full amount due on/before the day the service begins.


We accept paypal, direct debit, bank transfer, or cash.


When you sign your dog up for walks/boarding you’ll fill out a Service Agreement form that outlines the following payment policies:


Dog Walking Payment Policy: We invoice for services monthly and payment is then due within one week of receiving of the invoice.


Cancellation Policy: The client is required to give a minimum 4hrs advance notice of cancellations otherwise a 50% fee applies (24 hours notice is ideal). If the walker shows up and the dog isn’t there or the walker isn’t able to access the home the full price of the walk will be charged. As a courtesy the dog walker requires two weeks notice prior to the cancellation or suspension of regular services.

What happens in extreme heat/cold or stormy weather?

Your dog’s safety and comfort are top priority. In the event of unsafe weather (extremely hot/humid, extreme cold, thunderstorms, heavy rain) we will likely shorten the walk and limit the ground we cover so your dog stays close to home and gets to have a bathroom break and stretch their legs without feeling too uncomfortable. In extreme weather (severe storm/cold) we’ll do our best under the circumstances with your dog’s security in mind and shortening walks as necessary. We’ll let you know if we shorten the walk and try my best to make up the remaining time later in the week. Often walks go on for a bit longer than scheduled balanced by a shorter walk once in a while due to the weather.

What if my dog becomes sick or injured?

We always carry a pet first aid kit and we’re trained to deal with all common accidents, injuries and illnesses. First aid provided before a vet visit gives your dog a greater chance of making a successful recovery. Sometimes a little first aid is all that is needed to save you and your dog a trip to the vet.


When you sign your dog up, you’ll be signing a vet care release as part of our service agreement. An emergency contact is also required in case you aren’t available to care for your dog or in case you can’t be reached to make decisions about your dog’s care.


In the event that anything non-life-threatening comes up, we’ll make every attempt to contact you to see how you’d like to proceed. In the event you can’t be reached we’ll try your emergency contact. If we can’t reach you or your contact within a reasonable amount of time we’ll stand in for you and take your dog to their vet ourselves at a rate of $25/hr. If it’s a life-threatening emergency we’ll be taking your dog to their vet or the nearest emergency animal care facility ASAP and we’ll be trying our best to reach you.

All of this sounds great... How do we get started?

You can fill out the Service Request form on my Contact Us page or send an email to


We’d love to meet you and your dog or cat and go over details about their care and routine.